Free Dynamics CRM Webinars for July

Hi Everyone,

Here are the webinars for July:

Word and Excel integration with Dynamics CRM 2016

Friday, July 15th, 10:00am Central Time (U.S.) (GMT-5:00)     Register here

In this webinar we'll review the Word and Excel integration features of Dynamics CRM 2016 as well as discuss the third-party integrations available.

The 5 Top Dynamics CRM Ribbon Customizations

Friday, July 22th, 10:00am Central Time (U.S.) (GMT-5:00)     Register here

In this webinar we will walk through the top 5 ribbon customization activities with Dynamics CRM and walk through using the Ribbon Workbench.

Thanks, Mitch

Two Steps to Becoming a betting Dynamics CRM JavaScript Developer

Happy Friday everyone.

I get asked all of the time about becoming a Dynamics CRM Developer or becoming a better one.

Here are two things you can do today, to start down that path:

1. Sign up for Visual Studio Team Services

Formerly Visual Studio Online.

It is free for up to 5 developers and you get all kinds of stuff in the mix:

Features included

All of your team members (OK, all except your free stakeholders) can use these features in your Visual Studio Team Services account:

Need more info? Check out our detailed feature matrix.

You simply cannot underestimate the power and necessity of having a source control system on your side, for ANY type of development you do. Even if you only use the Version Control component of Team Services, you are well ahead of the game. The other features are just developer productivity gravy.

2. Purchase XrmToolKit

Formerly the CRM Solution Manager. [Note: this is not an affiliated link]

This is a different product than the free Dynamics CRM administration toolset, XrmToolbox.

I find this product invaluable. Not only does it allow me to edit my JavaScript (and other code like plugins) inside of Visual Studio, but it will also publish back to Dynamics CRM with merely a button-click. 

And as I mentioned in #1, once we have the code inside of Visual Studio, we can add it to source control and have it safe and secure in the Microsoft cloud somewhere.


Well, that’s my two cents for the day. Have a great weekend.

Thanks, Mitch

What you need to know to boost your DYNAMICS CRM expertise

Hi Everyone,

If you are ready to boost your Dynamics CRM expertise to the next level then you need to take a look at my upcoming workshop: Understanding Dynamics CRM Processes.

Enrollment ends Friday, June 17th at midnight and class starts on Tuesday, June 21st.

Here are some things to think about:

How it can help you

Let’s be honest. We all need to continually upgrade our product knowledge to increase our value as a professional and to our employer and filling your toolbox with the tools and understanding of how to use those tools benefits everyone, and makes it easier to update that resume.


How it can help your company

One of the main keys to productivity is the automation of processes and repetitive tasks. That is what processes within Dynamics CRM were designed for. There are immediate wins that can easily accomplished, in most cases, and longer-term gains made by streamlining existing processes or implementing existing tools to help people accomplish their jobs in a more productive and consistent manner.



We will be holding two classes each day. 10:00am CDT and 6:00pm CDT, in order to fit most people’s schedules and to accommodate students from around the world. We meet for two hours per day and the entire course lasts for five weeks.


What You Will Learn

The goal of this course is to give you a deep understanding of how processes work within Dynamics CRM.  Here is a brief summary of the topics we’ll cover:


From the basics to the advanced, you’ll learn everything that you need to know to understand, create, and maintain custom workflow processes.


So I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Dialogs” but don’t really understand what they are and how you would use them. Like workflows, we’ll be covering them in-depth so you can see for yourself.

Business Process Flows

I’m sure you have seen the progress bars on the Lead and Opportunity entity that give the user a quick indication of where that specific entity record is within the process. You’ll learn how to create and maintain these process flows to fit your business.

Custom Actions

Custom Actions have been around for a while but are often overlooked. We’ll discuss how and why they are used so you can see if they can be of benefit to your business.


But I hate homework

Sorry, but the best way to learn is to do, so you need to work on some things yourself. Smile


For more information

Visit the announcement page and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Mitch

Dynamics CRM SDK Version 8.1.0 Release Notes

The Dynamics CRM SDK was updated on 6 May and here is a list of the changes.

Apply SLAs to entities

New topic containing information about the SLA support for various entities in CRM.

Azure integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Work with CRM event data in your Azure Event Hub solution

Write a listener application for a Microsoft Azure solution

Walkthrough: Configure Microsoft Azure (SAS) for integration with Dynamics CRM

Walkthrough: Update a service endpoint from ACS to SAS authorization

Walkthrough: Update a service endpoint imported from a solution

New or updated Azure related topics containing information about new features including SAS authorization, support for event hubs, and multiple messaging data formats for cross-platform interoperability.
The restriction to use the Azure SDK version 1.7 or 1.8 has been changed to version 1.7 or later.

Create packages for the CRM Package Deployer

Updated the topic to include information about the new capabilities that enable developers to control how the packages will be deployed while creating packages.

Default SiteMap XML

Updated the topic about the inclusion of the interactive service hub in the default CRM sitemap.

Knowledge base search control (client-side reference)

Updated the topic to include information about the new client APIs in this release.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API Limitations

Added the following additional limitations:

•    Can't query date values
•    Web API not enabled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook with Offline Access while user is offline

Query Data using the Web API

Added the following sections about CRM Web API enhancements in this release:
•    Filter records based on single-valued navigation property
•    Retrieve related entities by expanding navigation properties

ServiceEndpoint entity messages and methods

The ServiceEndpoint entity has new attributes for SAS configuration. The NamespaceAddress and NamespaceFormat attributes have been added to support full namespace addressing in addition to the existing option of specifying just the namespace name.

Use the Category entity to categorize CRM records

Category entity messages and methods

Topics added that contain information about how you can use the new Category entity.

Use the Feedback entity to manage feedback and ratings for CRM records

Feedback entity messages and methods

New topics containing information about how you can use the new Feedback entity.

Write and debug scripts for CRM for phones and tablets

Renamed the topic from Write and debug scripts for CRM for tablets, and updated the contents to include information about the client API support for CRM for phones and tablets.

Write and debug scripts for the interactive service hub

New topic containing information about the client APIs supported in the interactive service hub.

Write code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms

Added entities to list of Updated entities that now support the improved form rendering experience in CRM.

What's new for administrators and customizers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and CRM Online

I accidentally stumbled across this article today.  Really worth the time and effort to read and a really great summary of the new stuff.

Here is a quick summary of the bullet points.

Sharing information and lessons learned with other developers

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