Free Utility: Run CRM Deletion Service

Shortly after CRM 4.0 was released I discovered a need to have a utility to run the CRM Deletion service on-demand and not wait for it to automatically cycle.

This functionality is extremely useful when perfecting data import processes where you are supplying the IDs of the item being imported.

So, I wrote a utility that would call the internal CRM Deletion Service function to run the service against a specific CRM organization.

You will find this utility in the Free Utilities section.



This utility utilizes and internal and undocumented CRM function call. 

Undocumented translates to unsupported by Microsoft so you will be using this utility at your own risk. 

That being said, I’ve used this utility for well over 18 months and have never had an issue.  It’s a fairly binary equation: it runs the deletion service or it doesn’t.

I’m finally publishing it because I continue to run into situations where i need this functionality and I figure that if I need it, other people might as well.



If the above statements make you a little uncomfortable, you can always download the CRM 4 ScaleGroup Job Editor.  Which can perform roughly the same functionality as this utility.

10 thoughts on “Free Utility: Run CRM Deletion Service”

  1. I had the Deletion Service utility working properly for a few weeks but I am not getting a "Request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found" error. Do you have any idea where this could be coming from?

  2. Totally useless utility. After pressing Run, i get Unhandled exception : Value cannot be null Parameter name : input. With all fields correctly filled.

  3. Thanks for the feedback but unfortunately, there is not a lot I can do to help. As I mentioned in the article, it's a totally unsupported method for interacting with CRM so any changes that make could cause the utility to stop functioning and I have no way of verifying what those changes are.


  4. The tool used to work great for me, but now it does not. Thanks for trying Mitch. Hope you can find a solution sometime. This tool is invaluable in dev for data migration testing.

  5. The tool used to work great for me in DEV with a single server for both BD and web. But in PRODUCTION with tow servers one for BD and one for web, I have this error :
    "La demande a échoué avec l'état HTTP : 404 : Not Found".
    Any idea ? Thanks a lot for trying Mitch.
    Hope you can find a solution sometime.

  6. François, there is a huge possibility that Microsoft changed something in the way that internal function worked and my utility will no longer execute the deletion service.

    And unfortunately, there is not a lot I can do – which is what happens when you use their internal APIs.

    Thanks, Mitch

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