CRM 4.0 Development Skeleton

When creating solutions that utilize the CRM 4.0 SDK I often find myself needing to quickly create and test a piece of code that allows me perform a specific function. 

I’ve created a simple application skeleton to aid in my development efforts. It has the code required to connect to CRM and display the results of whatever code I’m writing.  It is a simple Visual Studio 2008 Windows Forms solution that contains a list box, a large text box and a couple of buttons.  I use the list box and text box to display the results of whatever test I’m working on.

I find this skeleton especially useful when developing plugins because I need to write and test the code outside of the plugin environment. Once I’m sure that the code is functioning the way I wish, I simply copy and paste it into the plugin.

You can find this skeleton in the Free Utilities section of this blog.