Part of an upcoming commercial utility I am building exports custom JavaScript found in a CRM installation.  I needed that functionality for a current customer project so I decided to go ahead and create a separate utility that performs that one function.

Here is the user interface:



JavaScript Extraction Rules

The JavaScript found within each entity will be extracted using the following rules:

  • Only custom JavaScript is extracted. Built-in CRM JavaScript is ignored.
  • JavaScript for the Form’s OnLoad and OnSave events will be exported.
  • JavaScript for each Atttribute’s OnChange event will be exported.
  • Only active JavaScript is exported. If you don’t have the Active checkbox on the event checked, it is ignored.
  • If the JavaScript is Active but there is no JavaScript in the event, it is ignored.


Output Folder

A sub-folder will be created using the name of the CRM Organization in the folder where the utility is located.


Output Contents

Each event will be written to a separate file with a .js extension. The naming convention is:





Here is what the new Demo CRM VPC installation’s output looks like:



Download it from the Free Utilities page.

I moved my free CRM utilities to this site today.  They mostly work with CRM 3.0 but I plan to update a couple of them soon to support 4.0.

Check out the following page:

Free Utilities

I have added a new poll to this blog because I’m curious about how many people actually use the CardScan for MSCRM product.

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